Sunday, March 22, 2015

Organizing Alphabet Stamps

Having recently discovered Project Life®, I have begun dusting off my old, traditional scrapbooking supplies to use once again. This time, I'm energized because instead of completing only a couple pages in a couple hours, I often complete numerous pages in the same time span. 

Today, I decided to organize my alphabet stamps. These are not the cool, clear, cling stamps we've all come to know and love. These are the old, rubber stamps (still available at some hobby stores) that come in little cardboard boxes with no tops. 

First, I invested in two plastic bead organizers (purchased at Michael's for $2.49 each). 

I then labeled each small compartment with a letter from an old alpha-sticker set I've had for 10+ years. 

Next, I unboxed all the little alphabet stamps I own. (Ok, it's only four sets at the moment...but now that I'm organized, I'm inspired to purchase a couple more sets with more font variety.)

The final product allows me to quickly locate, use, and replace any letter of the alphabet. (And bonus! I forgot about the extra characters and symbols, so those will get used, now, too!) 

Check out this "groovy" card I just made using a variety of stamp fonts and my ancient Le Plume II markers for color:

I'm thrilled to report that putting the stamps back in their respective compartments took WAY LESS TIME than trying to fit them back in the little stamp boxes like I used to do. Cheers!

This alphabet stamp organizing project cost less than $6.00, and took less than 15 minutes to complete. Now I can mix & match my alphabet stamps quickly and easily for any project. I'm pretty stoked! :) 

Monday, December 31, 2012

Website Does Not Display Correctly in IE9

If you're having  problems with your CSS website displaying correctly in Internet Explorer version 9,
try this handy-dandy, EASY, 2-step little trick: 

Strip any references to "Helvetica" out of your CSS.

Re-upload the file. 

Voila! Your site works in IE9. 

You're welcome.